Are you looking for the Church Growth Golden Ticket?

Welcome! You've come to the right place! After you complete the free 5-Day Church Growth Challenge, we award you with the Church Growth Golden Ticket - a free 7-day pass to Church Growth Coaching, Church Growth Academy, and our Masterclasses.

What is the Church Growth Golden Ticket? Get 1-week access to the following:

Church Growth Coaching

After you qualify for your Church Growth Golden Ticket, you will get access to one entire week of Church Growth Coaching with a dedicated Church Growth Coach FOR FREE!

Church Growth Academy

We've put together some mini-course trainings, and you'll get access to this for the week that you get access to the Church Growth Golden Ticket, included for free for that week.


We're doing regular masterclasses (weekly and/or monthly) for our Church clients, and you get access to the recordings for free during the week of your Church Growth Golden Ticket.


Church Growth Golden Ticket is a premier service of FaithVenture Media, a Church Growth Agency helping Evangelical Churches grow. We're led by CEO and Church Growth Coach, Jeremy G. Woods, who has both marketing and ministry experience. This gives us a unique blend that helps fuel our passion for Christ and His Church worldwide.

How to Qualify

Step ONE

First, you will need to register for our free 5-Day Church Growth Challenge. While it's free, we need you to be able to put in the time and effort to complete these very short 5 days of training. This will prepare your Church for growth.

Step TWO

After you complete your course, you will receive a popup (and an email) with a link to the registration page for Church Growth Golden Ticket (there will be two optional upgrades, but you can skip that section easily). Once you sign up for the course, you'll be sent access to our coaching portal, where all the coaching will take place.


We do have onboarding that we do hope you go through so that we get to know more about your Church (so we can help you better during this week). You'll also be receiving several emails during that week to help the transition go smoother.


Finally, after that week is over, you have the option to continue Church Growth Coaching at $49/month (at which point you also would continue with access to Church Growth Academy and our Masterclasses).


How much does the Church Growth Golden Ticket cost?

It's completely FREE! You earn it after you complete the 5-Day Church Growth Challenge, which is also free.

How many Church Growth Golden Tickets can my Church earn?

Because of how good an offer the Church Growth Golden Ticket is, we can only offer it once to each Church. This means only one staff member from your Church can request it.

Why are you offering this Church Growth Golden Ticket?

Our goal is to help Churches grow. So, because of this, we know that you'll understand the need for access to a Church Growth Coach (or our Church Growth services) once you experience it for a week.

Our Leadership

Jeremy G. Woods

CEO, Church Growth Coach
FaithVenture Media